The second edition of Photo Workshop New York took place from May 14th to June 5th 2011 at a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
PWNY 2011 workshops:

  • ✔ “In Plain Sight” with Donna Ferrato, May 14-20, 2011
  • ✔ “The Personal Documentary” with Erica McDonald and Andrew Sullivan, May 22-28, 2011
  • ✔ “New York Reports” with Davide Monteleone and Maurizio Garofalo, May 30-June 5, 2011

For this edition Spazio Labo’ offered 3 scholarships to 3 under 30 photographers: Elisa Penagini, Anna Gianfrate and Mattia Gravili.
Please, take a look at the following galleries containing a selection of our 2011 students’ projects.

Susanna Mammi

Roberto Materassi

Paolo Crocenzi

Maurizio Bontempo

Gaia Musacchio

Dario Camilotto

Cristina Brolli

Anna Gianfrate

Roberta Giusti

Mattia Gravili

Giuseppe Marano

Elisa Penagini

Danilo Busto

Anna Gianfrate

Maya Hristova

Marilena Colasuonno

Giulia Laddago

Chiara Vignudelli

Carolina Farina

Armando Mazzulla

Anna Gianfrate

Alessandra Picchiotti