Are all the workshops held in English?

Yes, they are.


Is it possible to have a simultaneous translation in Italian?

No, it is quite complicated to do so and this usually disturbs the class. In case you are Italian and need assistance with the understanding of the English language our staff will be there to help you. Please contact us at info@photoworkshopnewyork.com for any questions you may have related to the language of the workshop, will be happy to give you the right guidance!


Is it possible to attend more than one workshop? Do I get a discount?

Yes, of course and you get a 10% discount on the following workshop’ fee if you enroll in 2 workshops, 20% discount on the following workshop’s fee if you enroll in 3 workshops.


Do I have to be a professional photographer to attend the workshops?

No, PWNY is open to everyone, you only need to know how a digital camera works, and master a few basic notions of Photoshop/Lightroom or any other post production software.


What does the workshop participation fee include?

The fee includes the participation to the 7-day workshop and the accommodation in double room in one of the dormitories a the Pratt Institute campus in Brooklyn (attention: limited availability, hurry up or all the rooms may fill!). If you do not need accommodation you can pay for the workshop fee only (ask for the quote).


Where are the 2017 workshops held?

The 2107 workshops are going to be held at the amazing facilities of the Pratt Institute campus in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. This is why it is very convenient to sleep at the campus as well, you can be in class in few minutes and enjoy the campus life!


Is it mandatory to stay in the Pratt Institute or can I find my own accommodation?

You’re free to stay wherever you prefer; the Pratt Institute is just an option we offer (it’s quite handy to stay in the very place where the workshops are held!). The workshop fee includes accommodation, if you do not need it you can just let us know and pay for the fee without accommodation.


Can I stay at the Pratt Institute after the workshop’s end?

Unfortunately no. What we offer is to check in at Pratt the day before the beginning of the workshop and check out on the morning after the workshop ends: this means you have 8 nights included and unfortunately we cannot accommodate specific request for each student (you can imagine that would be quite complicated). For example, if you attend Richard Renaldi workshops (July 10-16), you can check in at Pratt on the 9th and check out on the 17th. Check in/check out hours will be communicated once enrollment is confirmed.



What is the daily program of the workshop?

The workshops daily program is basically split in two parts: all mornings are dedicated to group sessions in class devoted to reviewing and critiquing the images every participants shot the day before; after that, during the rest of the day, you will head into the city to further develop your project. In fact, the workshop goal is to have each participation work on a personal project for the whole week.


What am I going to achieve at this workshop program?

During the workshop you’ll be able to develop your personal vision and style with photography and to further understand your practice. You will work on a personal story that by the end of the workshop will be edited into a multimedia piece and that you will be able to use as a portfolio once back home. Some students in the past have worked on more than one project during the week, that is also a possibility. Also, during the workshop you will get to know a network of professionals that will be useful for your growth in photography, both in a professional and creative way.


Does the workshop release a certificate of participation at its end?

Yes, at the workshop end you will receive our amazing certificate of participation.


Do I need to figure out an idea to focus on before the workshop starts? Will each student develop a project? Will you help the students in finding the project’s idea?

It is certainly ideal to try to figure out an idea to focus on before the workshop starts. As already mentioned, each student will develop a personal project during the workshop and all the ideas will be discusse during the first day of class with the teacher. PWNY staff will help each participant in finding a project’s idea during the months proceeding the workshop beginning, if needed. After enrollment, we will also send a bibliography and filmography specifically tailored for the workshop to give you a spark of inspiration! And don’t worry, worst case scenario you find yourself with no ideas at the beginning of the workshop, the teacher and the other participants will share their ideas with you! We have eight years of experience in helping students develop their ideas and project in New York, and it has always been an amazing experience.


Can I shoot with film?

Yes you can as long as you are aware of the times and costs necessary for the development of the film in laboratory, and of the costs relative to the scanning and digitizing of negatives. The staff will provide you with a list of laboratories.


Who’s the organizer of Photo Workshop New York?

The organizer of the project Photo Workshop New York is Spazio Labo’-Centro di Fotografia. Spazio Labo’ is a non-profit organization based in Bologna, Italy. We are a school and gallery of photography and a center devoted to photography culture in general. Spazio Labo’, with its directors Laura De Marco and Roberto Alfano, founded PWNY in 2010.